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About Coaching
Photo CollageYour Career and Life Coach sees you not a “problem to be solved” but someone striving to live a rich fulfilled and meaningful life. Career and Life Coaching (similar to sport and fitness coaching) provides the ongoing support for new ideas to become habit rather than dreams.

We’ll start by assessing where you are in your Life right now. Are you paying too much attention to one area and ignoring important values? Are you interested in exploring the “what if” questions? For example: “What if I spent time in a satisfying career, what would that mean to me?” What if my worklife was more balanced? What would that mean for me?

You can expect your Career and Life Coach to:

  • Attend to you as a whole person – giving you time to reflect on “what makes you tick”, what you value in life
  • Express positive expectations to assist building self-esteem
  • Extend your self-awareness and challenge self-limiting beliefs
  • Assist you to clarify your life goals and adopt suitable and achievable Career & Life exploration strategies and refine these into tangible well-defined, flexible and realistic Goals
  • Work with you to help you find a Career that makes your life balanced and fulfilling
  • Help form a thorough picture of your present life to articulate and plan your future Life Goals. Working out what step you can take today for this vision to become reality, encouraging and supporting when the going gets tough
  • Listen with respect to your story of personal self-development, life-stage problems, Relationships and internal well-being
  • Look for patterns of meaning in your personal story, to assist you to understand the relationship between your lifestyle plans, recreation and career goals
  • Adopt a sensitive, broad approach. I don’t use questionnaires to “tell you what to do”
  • Celebrate your achievements as you face the inevitable hurdles and progress toward the fulfillment of your personal dreams

In your Career and Life Coaching sessions, whether we discuss relationships, career, family, finances, personal growth, recreation, home or assertiveness, confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

“You know what the greatest tragedy is in the whole world?…It’s all the people who never find out what it is they really want to do or what it is they’re really good at…It’s all the people with talents who never even find out…It’s all the people who never get to know what it is they can really be. It’s all the wasted chances.”

Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett



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